Snow in Seattle

My view from my living room!

Yes, snow has arrived in Seattle, and if you live in Seattle or know anything about Seattlites — you know that the first drop of snow around here sparks panic and sheer frenzy over it’s arrival.

Being home to Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon and now a Google branch — a lot of Seattle’s inhabitants are transplants.  When snow arrives and everyone begins to make a big deal about it, the transplants love to sit back, laugh, and mock as we try to work around the inconvenience that snow presents. Being native, I know we get a lot of flack over it, so I’m here to sound off on why everyone should just back off.

1) Seattle does not get heavy snowfall every year
Sure, we live in a colder area but because of being by so much water, it usually remains above a certain temperature here.  I witnessed a disgruntled New Yorker say to the local news correspondent “It’s snow. It comes every year in winter…why should we be surprised and unprepared?” No, it does not come every year. Most years it’s below a few inches and sometimes it doesn’t appear at all.

2) Seattle is a litte-big city
Yes, Seattle is the biggest metropolitan city in Washington but we are not a large city by any means.  Because of this, paired with not receiving heavy snow fall each year, we simply aren’t prepared.  We don’t have the machines and man power to go through Seattle and effectively plow/sand/salt roads. Sure, we could spend the money to get a huge fleet like towns that get more snow, but eventually it may just be a loss of money for something that happens a few days out of the year, if even a day.

3) We don’t belong to the ‘itty bitty committee’
Let’s face it, Seattle has more curves and bumps than a Kardashian with shingles. You can laugh all you want, mid-westerners, but we don’t have the luxury of flat, grid-line roads like you all do.

4) It’s wet!
Another thing — most of the snow in other parts of the county is dry, powdery snow. Let’s not forget we have rain most of the year here in Seattle and our air has a lot of moisture in it. When it gets freezing around here, it’s icier than hell. When the snow falls, it doesn’t blow off as we drive down the road, it slushes and compacts, only adding to the ice that’s below it.

Not having every road plowed and de-iced, along with wet, heavy, slick snow is never fun. Add a lot of hilly land and you get why we all freak out about the snow.  Except for the AWD drivers who think they’re invincible (sorry dude, you can get over that hill with lumpy snow but you’re not getting down this ice slope smoothly). It’s also why even a small amount of snowfall in Seattle could mean bad news. If you don’t know what I mean just watch the videos below of what happens here in the Pacific Northwest:

So, transplants, get your elitists ‘tudes outta here, mmkay? We do the best we can with what we’ve got!

Meanwhile, I have the luxury of working from home on days like today, so I’m gonna just get back to work in front of the fire with my jammies and slippers on. Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Snow in Seattle

  1. I’m a SoCal transplant (I live here in Seattle now and have for a while), and I agree! Seattle has lots of VERY good reasons not to be prepared for significant snowfall. People in the mid-west and back east just don’t get it. The L.A. Times article was incredibly out of line considering they have the exact SAME issues with the epic rain storms down there. But it certainly was beautiful while it lasted. 🙂

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