Resolutions, Friday the 13th, Dogs, and Blue Ivy.

Ok, so…though it wasn’t posted, one of my resolutions is to write more not only because I enjoy it but APPARENTLY, writing about your values makes you lose weight! Not that I’m really writing about my values, but I’m not really writing about what I hate am I? (Ok, sans the Zooey Deschanel post). You can read about the study here if you want, but I think writing is more of just a good way to relax for me, even if it’s not talking about my values or lack thereof.

In trying to stay true to my resolutions I’ve been making a hard, conscious effort on being nicer and more selfless. Yesterday (which was Friday the 13th), I got this grand idea to do 13 nice things during the day to offset suspicions of bad luck happening on that day. Man, I was pumped.  I woke up, getting ready, thinking of all the nice things I would do and how it would make me feel – I was ready to blow Friday the 13th out of the water! Well, I did do some nice things, but here’s how it really turned out:

8:03am – I’m sitting in the line at the drive-thru starbucks, the sun is starting to peek over the mountains and I’ve got my tunes up — I’m feeling great. I decide my first nice thing would be to pay for the drinks of the people behind me.  The Starbucks pay-it-forward thing has happened to be twice before and it always made me happy to be a part of it. So I thought, Ok! I’ll start it today! The guy at the window asked what I wanted to say and I said “just say Happy Friday the 13th!” The guy nodded his head and pursed his lips like I was some sort of devil-worshiping Friday the 13th lover. When you’re in your car picking up your drink you don’t really have time to explain that my message is to counteract Friday the 13th suspicions. Whatevs. Even if I did explain, he’d probably think I was even more weird. I did still feel happy and kept on my way to work.

10:36am – I was getting back from doing work errands when I decided to stop and get some flowers for my coworker who hadn’t been feeling very good the past week.  I opted for some purple tulips since tulips are a nice, good, Washington flower and purple is her favorite color. Happy Friday the 13th! I exclaimed as I walked in with her new tulips. I didn’t get a creeped out look like I did from the guy at Sbux, but the confusion was definitely there.

The hours between 10:36 and 5:00 were work, work, work – I guess I could say I was nice for showing up to work? Ugh. Fail. I realized this type of thing needs to be done on a non-work day.

5:35pm – arrive at the back of goodwill with my bags of clothes I decided to donate.  Smiling as I approach the guy taking loads of stuff, ready to say “Happy Friday the 13th!” but instead he doesn’t make eye contact and throws my bags into the pile with the rest of them faster than I can even say hello.

5:45pm – show up at my parents with a bag of groceries.  Dad’s in his chair in the living room eating jerky, rather disinterested at my arrival. I start preparing dinner and approximately an hour later, it’s done.  Note, this is like 15 minutes away from my dad’s bed time. But, mom and dad eat it and like it, and seem generally happy. I sit and chat with my mom and watch shows with her until it’s time for me to go home.

Major fail. 4 things are nowhere near 13. The only good thing was, as we were watching the news while eating dinner, I found out that there’s 2 more Friday the 13ths this year! Though some stupid superstitious holiday shouldn’t be the only day I practice some of these things, at least it’s one day I can actually prepare for.  I WILL have a successful Friday the 13th filled with 13 nice things! I promise!

On an unrelated note: I’m thinking of getting a dog.  I desperately miss my doggies at my parents house and since they’re the family dogs, I can’t really take them.  The only problem is trying to find a dog small enough for apartment living that isn’t incredibly annoying when they bark, can do okay when I’m gone working during the day, not kill the cats that are living here and be a cuddlebug. If I had it my way, I’d have a great dane and name him Knightley (this WILL happen someday) but even though great danes are mellow and don’t need a lot of exercise, I still wouldn’t have room for him here. It would have to be a rescue, too.

Speaking of rescue dogs, some of them have the worst names! Almost as bad as Hollywood’s children’s names. Like, Blue Ivy.  Yes, I’m talking about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s wonderchild. We’re laughing now, but by her first birthday she’ll probably have her own brand of clothing, Disney channel cartoon, and her own bottle of insanely expensive bad perfume called – you guessed it – BLUE IVY. She’ll be a billionaire all on her own by age 2. Can we also stop and think about her initials? B.I.C.? Bitch in charge? Am I surprised?.  Despite all this, I’m not going to pretend the Jay track that the 2-day-old herself made an appearance on doesn’t make me melt into pieces. I’m still melting after seeing Jay-Z and Kanye perform New Day on their Watch the Throne tour while they were here.

Anyway, I was talking about dogs?

If this disgustingly long, rambling post doesn’t make up for my absence, I don’t know what will.  Catch you later, weirdos.


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