Peace, 2011.

As with any year, there were both good times and bad times in 2011.  I dealt with heartache (twice!), faced a big rejection (or two), and lost another best friend to another state. However; I also had positive epiphanies about my life and where I want it to go, made new friends, found out of my original friends who the truest were, and got to see forever favorites Wong Fu Productions, David Choi, KevJumba, Kanye West & Jay-Z! I visited the sunshine state, ate lots of great food – consequently became an elite member on Yelp (yay for Elite events!), all while managing to stay alive, have fun and continue finding me!

Though resolutions are wildly popular, I’ve never really made any.  I’m not sure if the skeptic inside me thinks that I’ll forget them or not follow through – or if I haven’t looked at what I need to change enough yet.  Either way, I’ve decided to make a — no, five — new years resolutions:

1. Exercise at least five days a week.

The key to being healthy and staying fit is exercise.  Five days a week for at least 30 minutes will definitely help this.

2. Be kinder, especially to family members.

Being short-tempered and impatient will get you nowhere, especially with family.  If you are nice to others, they’ll be nice to you and the better life will flow.  The better life flows,the less stress you’ll face.

3. Travel.

Even if it’s just a few hours away for a weekend. Don’t worry about not having enough paid vacation time or money or someone else to go with.  All of these things become very trivial in the long run because after you’ve traveled and had those experiences you won’t be thinking of the extra hours you had to put in to make up for lost work or whether or not you had to be creative about spending money wisely.  Work hard, keep working, and there will always be an income to recoup the costs of traveling — while you’re still young and free!

 4. Be more selfless.

Just because you give, doesn’t mean you’re selfless:  Ask people how they are doing, assure them that you’re three for them,  and be a good listener.  Do not jump into a conversation with your problems or news – telling it any faster won’t make it any more or less great.

5. Make new friends.

And I don’t mean acquaintances — those are easy to make.  I mean real, true, honest-to-goodness friends who look out for you and you look out for them.  Who share common interests and goals.  You can never have enough good friends.

I want to be able to look back at this post every three months and be confident that I’m following suit.  I don’t think these things are hard things to work on and in fact I’m very excited about the type of impact actually making these resolutions will have.  Instead of hoping 2012 will be a better year than the last, I will make it be a better year.  Bring it on.

I hope all you little weirdos have a fabulous New Years holiday!

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