How to Make Zooey Deschanel Go Away

Finally, someone understands me. This comic + blurb from the always-trusty Happy Place had me saying “Amen” louder than a southern baptist congregation.

I’ve tried to like her! I’ve tried the whole “let’s talk about Zooey and smile lovingly as fall over ourselves discussing how cute she is, and her “adorkable” tendencies”.  I don’t get it. Never have, never will.  I just can’t help but think behind those doey Zooey eyes is empty space. In my opinion, the only difference between a bimbo that everyone loves to hate and Zooey is that she has hipster dark hair, has some knowledge of good music (maybe) and can play the same type of character over and over again.

You can say I hate her because the jealous bitch inside of me hates that everyone loves her but I think it’s a bit beyond that.  I will just continue to have my Erin moment now:

One thought on “How to Make Zooey Deschanel Go Away

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