Los Angeles, I’m Yours.

Hey Weirdos,

I just got back from L.A.! Okay, well I didn’t JUST get back…I actually got back on Saturday afternoon but spent Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning sleeping, spent Sunday with friends and ended up going to the ‘Hawks game last night (Yay for wins!).  This post is long overdue.

I was hosted by my great friend, Phil who let me crash at his place and take his “spot”,  showed me around town as much as he could, dealt with my teenage-esque excitement over things like exotic cars I’ve never seen in person and obscure places I remember from the 2902343 stupid reality shows I watch, took me to his awesome office Christmas party, let me live out Tom Petty songs, and successfully aided me in stuffing my face and consequently filling my gut far more than it needed to be with all the great food L.A. has to offer. The sun was shining, the air was warm and as the photo above would suggest, life definitely was beautiful for the short time that I was there.

I realized as I was boarding the plane on my way to L.A., that it has been almost 10 years since I’ve been to California and I have never once been to L.A. — to be quite honest, visiting never really seemed that appealing to me other than to visit people I care about. It’s crowded, dirty, smoggy and full of pretentiousness, right? Wrong. God damn you, “City of Angels” – you won me over!

The first morning as we stepped outside to leave I looked at the sky, felt that I wasn’t being bitten by bitter cold and promptly exclaimed “This is December!” In that instant it was like I had found some secret happiness I hadn’t known existed.  Not even an hour later we found ourselves hanging out on a curb, eating some yummy banh mi from a truck with green monsters painted on it and it hit me again “Holy shit, it’s DECEMBER.”

I also realized while in this daze filled with warm and happy sunshine that Californians do NOT know what they have.  I watched them walk around in their scarves, long coats, boots and hats, clutching their hot lattes from The Coffee Bean and thought “What the hell is wrong with you people? This is like MY SUMMER!”

Even after the sun went down at the Christmas party Friday (hosted at the Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey, nbd), everyone ate and drank around the pool of the hotel late into the night and it still felt nice – even at the warmest part of the day in Seattle, it’s not as warm as it was that night!

While I did come across some people that seemed a little too big for their britches, I met a few people who really broke my stereotype of people living in L.A. (I guess it’s far too big of a place to judge, right?) Oh and let’s not forget how surreal it felt to drive up into the less crowded parts of the city and smell oranges and flowers out my window in the middle of December. DECEMBER.

I had an awesome time and I really am forever grateful to Phil for making my trip a blast.

Though good for a mini-break, I’m not sure if I could actually live in L.A. full time. However, this trip has made me start to think that California might be calling my name and if it is, I may have to answer.  Next stop: Nor-Cal in February. 🙂

P.S.: I titled this post after a song I’ve always loved by the Decemberists. If you so wish, you can hear the song here – but I should tell you while the title is very lovely, the song is a little less than lovely in it’s depiction of L.A.!

P.S.S.: I’ve written up a few yelp reviews about the places I visited during my visit, and I plan on writing some more – if you want to see them, there’s a link to my Yelp under “Contact/Follow”!

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