Writing Creatively?

Most of the time I like to blog about my thoughts and opinions — rants and funny things included.  As much as I love writing through my point of view, being straightforward and to the point, I also like to creatively write.  I’ve been toying with the idea of dedicating a post or two a month to my creative writing.  Whether it’s a short story or an excerpt from something I’ve already written or am currently writing, I would like to share it with others to get an idea of how/what I’m doing.

It’s one thing to be nervous about people reading what you think, but it’s an entirely new level of nervousness sharing something you’ve spent time to create. With that being said, I’m scared as hell to do this, but I know in some way or another it will be good for me.

So please, feel free to read and post any constructive criticism or let me know if you like it.  These things will help me when it comes to posting other samples in the future.

So here goes, folks…CW Sample #1:


As the boat rocked along the water, she drew her coat tighter to her body, crossing her arms over her chest. The frozen air had begun to stir just enough to lightly toss her hair behind her shoulders. She rested her folded arms on the steel railing and peered over the side to watch the black water lap onto the side of the boat.  Christmas music played in the distance, peppered with conversation and laughter from the crowd on the lower deck.

Her fixation on the water soon moved farther ahead, to the nearby shore.  To the south she could see the lights glowing from large, perfectly crafted homes stacked into the hillside. Directly in front of her, she could only see faint outlines of trees under the dark sky. Just a bit farther up, to the north, the lights shone brighter from waterfront businesses.

How fitting that the ship had parked in front of the one place filled with memories of the man that was supposed to be with her tonight. She focused on the shoreline in front of her – the hillside that rolled into a bed of trees and tall shrubs, recessing into a shallow pebbly shore.  As she focused, she played back her first memory.

“Are you scared?”
They made their way down a narrow wooden dock that had at first outlined the marsh, but was now venturing into it.  They exchanged glances as he spoke and she noticed his pursed lips, trying not to crack a smile. Despite his light approach to the situation, she had felt slightly unnerved.
“It’s quiet here.”  She resorted to changing the subject.

The dock had begun to wind before making a sudden sharp turn.  A few steps ahead of him now, she rounded the corner. Not long after she began on the straightened path ahead had she realized a lack of response.  She glanced back to see no one behind her. As she turned, the splash of something heavy in the swampy water below was heard.

Afraid to go back around the corner just yet, she stepped carefully back over her tracks toward it.  The sun had just gone down behind the hills and as the darkness grew, her vision declined. She had just reached the point of the turn when a heavy pounding sounded against the wood of the dock. Before she could register an idea of what it was, something sprang from behind the tree crevassed at the corner of the walkway. Instinctively she let out a scream and launched her arms out in front of herself.  She could feel her hands being wrapped by another pair and shock jolted through her. Immediately, the dark figure that had startled her began to laugh as he spoke. “That was all too easy!”

He stepped into the light that hung from a post mounted to the railing of the dock, allowing her to clearly see him. His deep brown eyes now creased with amusement, tan impeccable skin and a sincere smile.  His laughter subdued into a chuckle as he drew her into his chest, resting his chin on her head.
“That wasn’t funny!” she exclaimed, stifling even her own smile, before taking her hand into his.


She was abruptly forced to the present by a familiar voice.  This man smiled as he approached her, hands buried into the pockets of his long wool coat.  This man was taller than the one she had been dreaming about, fairer skinned, with fine, dusty hair and freckled hazel eyes.
“I’ve been looking all over for you.” He paused.  “It’s pretty cold out here Hon’.” He continued, taking a quick survey of the stars in the sky, followed by a scan of the shore in the distance.
She returned the smile meekly, still reeling from her brief reach into the past.
“I just wanted to take in the view; it’s pretty tranquil out here at night.” Her voice breathy and light.

He looked on with her, putting his arm around her waist and squeezing her tightly.
“Come on, let’s get back downstairs. Everyone is missing you.”
“I’ll be down in a bit” she retorted, her gaze still locked.
He took a stray tendril of her hair and tucked it behind her ear, kissing her cheek.  “See you then.” He smiled.

As the boat’s motor rumbled back to life, rattling and swaying away, she refused to remove her stare from that dark patch of trees for fear her memory would fade just as fast as that moment did. When it was finally out of view, she walked across the deck to the staircase, resigning herself to the party below.


One thought on “Writing Creatively?

  1. If that is something you originally came up or have experienced personally…I wanna say Wow. Definitely creative! Keep it up!

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