Hey, are you Pinterested?

 Knowing that most of you bloggers are hip to the internet and all of its 6348023849745 ways to delight, amaze, and inspire; I’m going to assume you all knew about Pinterest first and I was the last to know. Right?!

I don’t know about you all but to know Pinterest is to be OBSESSED WITH PINTEREST.

I was sitting down to a movie with my girlfriend this past week (it totally wasn’t the new Twilight movie) and we had some time to kill (we totally didn’t get there 2.5 hours before it started) and she started telling me about this site called Pinterest. “It’s really fun! There’s a lot of DIY, shabby chic things…”.

She lost me at “Shabby Chic”. I hate those words. Hate them. The thought of it just makes me think of Chartreuse drapes and green shag carpeting somehow being made into rainbows and butterflies. We made the shabby…chic! Whatever. I’m not into it and whatever other “what’s-old-is-new” trend is going on out there. It’s like going “antiquing”. Wtf. Having antiques in my home just makes me think of having old people in my home – they’re used up and they smell funny. (Except you, Grandma…you’re fabulous.) It’s the same thing with nursing homes as it is Antique shops – the smell always makes me want to pass out. Let’s not mention the clutter. So. Much. Shit. Sigh. I digress.

She excitedly sent me an invite and I resolved to checking it out because though making pinboards of Shabby Chic is quite frankly not my cup of tea, I still like to look at new stuff. Emphasis on new.

A few days later (after I had admittedly bypassed the Pinterest invitation on Facebook), another friend mentioned something about it and I was reminded that I needed at some point to seriously look at it. I went back to my invitation thread and clicked on the “Pinterest” invite.

The moments after are all a speeding blur.  I don’t know if it was when I discovered I could learn different ways to braid my hair or the realization that I could literally pin ANYTHING in the world that I wanted (sexy men and tattoos included), but at some point during my discovery of Pinterest I became utterly captivated by something as simple as online pinboards.  So much so that I spent the better part of a work day engrossed with pinning. Searching and pinning, pinning and creating, creating and organizing. COME ALIVE, OCD TENDENCIES, COME ALIVE!

There is literally something in Pinterest that will pinterest anyone (pun intended). I’m serious. Mountainmen can pinboard their favorite animal traps! Strippers can pinboard their favorite poles! Polygamists can pinboard their favorite wives! Whatever! All I’m saying is…you should totally look at it.

More importantly…you should totally look at mine. I give you complete freedom to judge me based on the fact all my Christmas 2011 decorations are pink and white or the fact that I even have a “Christmas 2011” pinboard at all. I don’t care. JUDGE AWAY.

I’ll even give you the button to go to my page right here in this post instead of making you click your lazy little finger over to the “contact/follow” page. You’re welcome.

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2 thoughts on “Hey, are you Pinterested?

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